car rental - car rental without deposit (2023)

We live in times when covering the distance between specific locations is becoming both more comfortable and efficient. Thanks to the constantly developing network of roads and highways, we can easily cover the distance that separates us. Thanks to the development of the car industry, moving also has become easier. However, we do not always have the option and the need to buy our own four wheels. Car rental is perfect in exactly such situations. With CarFree, you get a guarantee of reliability, as well as the freedom to use all of our available vehicles throughout the country.

The CarFree car rental company has been operating in the Polish market continuously since 2009, constantly developing its fleet. Customer satisfaction is our priority, that is why we focus on expanding the company, as well as increasing the range of availability and the possibility of offering the lowest prices on the market. From the moment we started our business, we try to convince the largest possible number of people about the sensibility of renting a car, which year after year translates into increased interest in our offer. 12 years of operation in the Polish market has allowed us to gain trust of thousands of customers, which translates into the title of the most popular car rental company. You will surely like our flexible offer.

Car rental - the benefits of short-term rental.

We can list the benefits of renting a car for a long time. The short-term rental offer aims at both individuals and companies. Transparent terms allow avoiding legal loops. Thanks to the constantly expanding offer and the increasing number of branches throughout the country, traveling becomes easier and more convenient.

By using our car rental company CarFree offer, you can rent a car from one of 20 branches throughout the country, which are in all major cities, such as Białystok, Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Katowice, Kielce, Kraków, Lublin, Łódź, Modlin, Olsztyn, Poznań, Radom, Rzeszów, Szczecin, Warsaw and Wrocław. Most of the branches are at the airports, which allows efficient service and the possibility of renting a car right after landing. Such a solution is convenient not only for business trips but also for recreational trips. All formalities related to the car rental are simplified, and the procedure does not take over 20 minutes. It is especially important if you care about time while traveling.


Short-term rental is intended for a period of up to 1 month. It is a popular option for people who travel for business, when the time and cost of traveling by their own car would be much higher than combining air transport with a subsequent rental. The CarFree offer allows to not only conveniently rent a vehicle but also offers attractive car rental rates. As our client, you can choose a car that is ideally suited to your current needs. Many years of experience have allowed us to achieve a level at which we can offer a constantly replaced fleet of passenger cars of recognized brands, such as Audi, Citroen, Ford, Hyundai, Mazda, Nissan, Opel, Renault and Skoda. The cars in our offer are well-equipped vehicles under three years old. Short-term car rental is an offer also addressed to people who do not need a car daily. The costs of maintaining your own vehicle are often quite high, and they include not only issues related to repair and depreciation but also the purchase of compulsory motor insurance or periodic technical inspections, not counting the cost of buying a car. When choosing a car rental from our CarFree rental company, you only pay a predetermined amount for each day, as well as the costs of used fuel.

Compared to other competing companies, our company stands out because of its transparency. By choosing CarFree, you do not incur any extra mileage fees. We know how important the freedom to travel is, which is why we decided not to introduce restrictions such as a specific milage limit. Thanks to this, you have a guarantee that the agreed price during the rental will not increase. We have built the CarFree brand on the trust we place in our customers, so if you decide to rent a car, there will be no additional payments, such as a deposit for the rented vehicle. All our vehicles have purchased motor insurance, along with an extensive Assistance package, which guarantees help in the event of a breakdown or accident. We allow the customer to determine both the specific place of pickup and the place of returning the car, which proves useful in a foreign city and we do not have the time to travel to the existing pickup points for rented vehicles.

Medium-term car rental - a practical solution not only for companies.

The offer of medium-term car rental is becoming more and more popular among entrepreneurs. The advantages of using a car rental for small and medium-sized companies are greater than building a vehicle fleet of your own. Although this offer is created and mainly directed at enterprises, we cannot deny that it is also becoming more and more popular among individual recipients. The medium-term rental service, due to the declaration of longer use, is much more profitable, for example, because of the lower fees associated with it. The medium-term car rental procedure is just like the one for short-term rentals. It is also fully simplified, and you can enjoy the rented car several dozen minutes after the declaration of the vehicle rental.

Medium-term rental is a pillar service of our CarFree company. Because of the simplified car rental procedure, many entrepreneurs decide to use it instead of leasing a fleet of company cars. An undoubted advantage is that even new companies that are just starting their business can benefit from our services. Unlike car leasing, we do not require a minimum period of running a business, as well as documentation of the company’s specific sales. A transparent contract does not oblige the parties to take specific actions after the contract ends, which does not involve any additional costs for the renter. Besides the standard medium-term car rental, we also offer entrepreneurs the possibility of creating their own fleet of rented vehicles.

CarFree car rental values the customer’s time, so we make every effort to ensure that the waiting time for vehicles is as short as possible. We realize that by using our vehicles you can develop your business more dynamically. That is why we meet the expectations and offer competitive rental prices applicable at the time of signing of the contract.


Medium-term rental includes car rental for 1 to 24 months. Along with renting a vehicle, entrepreneurs also receive a package of support services, which includes, among others, car insurance, a guarantee of obtaining a replacement vehicle in the event of a breakdown or accident, as well as Assistance in difficult situations or providing a variable set of tires depending on the season. Taking advantage of the CarFree offer is extremely convenient, not only as a target solution but also as a temporary one.

Companies often use the mid-term rental offer seasonally, when they need to hire a new employee, and their position requires them to have a passenger car. Thanks to our offer, you can rent a car without unnecessary additional costs for the employee’s trial period, and also when you are waiting for the delivery of your car fleet to the company. We do not require from either private persons or entrepreneurs any documents and certificates showing that they have adequate funds necessary to rent a vehicle. Our offer is therefore ideal for those entrepreneurs who, for various reasons, did not get financing for their own fleet. Renting a car also has another equally important feature. You do not bear any fees related to the operation of the vehicle, such as repairs, insurance or inspections.

Long-term car rental - who is our offer addressed to?

Recent years have brought a slightly different trend towards buying your own car. More and more people decide to rent a long-term car, because of the convenience, the possibility of choosing a specific model of a car, as well as the relatively low cost of the service. CarFree offers the possibility of adjusting the vehicle in terms of its class, brand and equipment. We offer transparent terms of the contract, as well as shortened to a minimum waiting time for car rental. If you are looking for a car rental offer for a period of over two years, contact us. As a rule, lease contracts are constructed for a maximum of 5 years. However, nothing stands in the way of extending this time by extending the current contract. It does not involve any additional fees, and there is no need to pay a deposit in connection with the amendment of the contract. The decision to rent a car allows you to quickly receive the vehicle without having to apply for additional financing. Our advisers will be happy to help you choose the right car to meet your expectations.

Long-term rental is still the most popular among companies and institutions. The terms of car rental in 2021 have not changed compared to previous years and are adequate for individual and corporate customers. The convenience of delivering the car to a specific place during the conclusion of the rental agreement characterizes the car rental offer in CarFree. As with offers for a shorter period, the offered vehicles are fully prepared for driving. They have full motor insurance, necessary technical inspections, and with long-term use of the car, also its ongoing repairs and replacement of consumables. As customers, you have the option of any configuration of the rented vehicle, and at the end of the rental, you are not obliged to buy the vehicle. Our specialists will help you choose a vehicle or fleet. In the event of a breakdown or collision, we provide help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, for the duration of the repair, you will receive a replacement car.

Every year, renting a car is becoming more and more popular. It is a great alternative to purchasing a fleet of cars for companies. This solution significantly improves the financial liquidity of the company, as there is no need to purchase a certain number of cars for cash or loan, necessary for running a business. Because of the determination of the contractual rate during signing of the contract, the car rental subscription in 2021 will not increase for the next years. Providing yourself with fixed fees allows you to predict the costs incurred by the company, which allows you to plan its development over the next months and years. The funds that you save in the need's absence for loans, and with one fixed monthly fee, can be used for other investments needed to run your own business. No incurred loans have a positive effect on creditworthiness in the event of such a necessity, as well as an increase in the profitability of your company. Long-term car rental is an extremely beneficial solution. By issuing one collective invoice, the possibility of maintaining order in the financial documentation of the company increases significantly.

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The benefits of renting a car with CarFree

The interest of clients, both individual and corporate, in the possibility of renting a car for a certain period, is growing every year. Our competitive offer for 2021 meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Car rental is more and more often used not only by families but also by companies for which this form of contract is much more beneficial than buying a fleet of vehicles for cash, or in any other form of financing, such as credit or leasing. Do not hesitate, find out that car rental is an excellent decision, book a vehicle that best suits your needs and rent it. If you are not sure yet, here are 10 benefits that will surely convince you.

1. Flexible adjustment of the length of the term to the client’s needs.

Car owners know well that when traveling, especially around the city, driving a car is not an ideal means of transport. Traffic jams, separate paid parking zones or a significant distance from home to work are just some reasons we choose public transport. Going further, more and more people give up owning their own vehicle in favor of renting one if the need for a car surfaces. This solution is still in its infancy among the public, but considering the group of entrepreneurs, the concept of renting a car or the entire fleet seems to be less alien. We designed the CarFree offer in such a way that everyone, regardless of the legal status, can benefit from it. Our offer in 2021 stands out from the competition with the possibility of flexible adjustment of the car rental time. Our clients can choose a short rental - from a few days to a month. When choosing a medium-term car rental, the contract is longer, as it may cover a maximum of two years. However, if you are interested in long-term car rent, we have a special offer in which the contract is valid for up to five years, after which it can be extended. With us, you decide which option you want to choose, and what is the best solution for you.

2. The price depends on the duration of the rental agreement.

We adjust our prices to offers of different duration of the rental agreement. The longer the car rental time, the lower the price is. If you need a car, not only occasionally, it is worth considering the option of long-term rental. Contrary to having your own car, we have designed our offers for 2021 in such a way that we cover all repairs, including those related to the car operation. When renting a car, you do not have to worry about its insurance, and the only cost you will incur is the rental cost specified in the contract, as well as the cost of fuel used. In return, you receive from CarFree fully equipped and functional vehicles that can be used not only for private but also business trips. We issue an invoice for each rental, which facilitates the settlement process. It is worth mentioning that the price may either increase or decrease depending on the choice made for a specific vehicle. Our specialists will help you choose the right vehicle for your preferences and needs in order to meet your requirements at the lowest possible price.

3. You can choose the class and brand of the car.

We stand out from the competition not only in terms of quality but also in terms of our offer. We have a very wide range of vehicles for rent, among which are both typical city cars, which will be perfect if we need to move from the airport to a specific place, but also typical family vehicles. Because CarFree is still developing and expanding its offer, we can provide vehicles from renowned brands such as Audi, Mazda or Nissan. By undertaking a long-term cooperation with us, you can modify and choose a vehicle for the long-term rental, as well as the equipment that will suit your preferences and needs. CarFree car rental offers not only passenger vehicles but also vans. We offer both standard and premium vehicles. In order to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, we also have the option of renting child's car seats. However, you should report the need for such seat when booking a car rental, and it will be installed in the car at the time of handover.

4. You don’t need to prove your income.

All costs related to the rental of the vehicle are presented in the rental agreement. Also, prices for specific vehicles are disclosed on our website so that if you choose to rent a car, you will know about any fees applicable in 2021 in advance. Regardless of whether the car is rented to a private person or to a self-employed person, CarFree does not require any documentation proving your income. We also do not require certificates and declarations of your earnings. We believe in the honesty of our clients, and we reward it every time. Our company’s approach to cooperation, both short, medium and long-term, allows for a quick and efficient car rental process. No need to document income is especially important for companies that decide to rent a car in order not to burden their creditworthiness. When renting a car with CarFree, even for a long-term period, you do not have to worry about declaring it in the Credit Information Bureau or Economic Information Bureau. We operate based on a rental agreement that is not subject to any financial institutions.


5. Fast and simplified procedure.

For your convenience, we have completely simplified the car rental procedure. In today’s world, time is money, so when renting a vehicle with CarFree, you only need 20 minutes and a document confirming your identity and authorization to drive a vehicle. For safety reasons, a car can be rented by anyone who meets the above conditions, is 21 years old and has a driving license for at least one year. We are open to both domestic and foreign cooperation, hence the location of our branches at all airports in Poland. If you are traveling in Poland, both for tourism and business, you can enjoy the freedom to travel around the country. All CarFree cars are insured, but for foreign customers we require a onetime returnable deposit in case of damage to the vehicle. The deposit is also collected while renting a Premium car. The deposit amount depends on the class of the rented vehicle. You can rent a car from the CarFree car rental on our website, where you can also pay for the service. Our representatives will contact you to arrange a specific place of pickup of the rented car, as well as to sign an appropriate contract and a form - a handover protocol informing about the technical and visual condition of the car. We have a wide fleet of cars, both passenger cars and vans. We guarantee the availability of all vehicles at the time you choosing.

6. Car rental – customer service offices throughout the country.

CarFree is expanding its offer more and more every year, not only through the possibility of renting a larger range of cars but also the convenience of their rental. Most of our customer service offices in all major cities are placed at airports. This guarantees efficient service and the possibility of renting a car right after arriving in the country or while making a business trip. Such a location allows you to easily connect air, car and rail transport. CarFree employees will not only prepare the car for driving but will also bring the car to a convenient, earlier arranged pickup location. Delivery service is completely free when renting a vehicle for a minimum of 3 days. If you need a car for a shorter period, a fee of PLN 80 will be charged for delivering the vehicle to a location other than the customer service office. We have customer service offices all over Poland, thanks to which the rental procedure takes only a couple of minutes. Also, you will not have to wait for a specific car to be brought from another city in Poland.

7. Car rental - no car operation fees.

The advantage of renting a car over the purchase of your own vehicle is, you do not need to pay any fees related to its operation. As a result, the rental service is comparable to, and often more competitive than, your own car maintenance. Regardless of whether you decide to rent a short, medium or long-term rental, we cover all costs related to repairs, replacement of worn-out parts, seasonal tires swap, maintenance, or the payment of compulsory motor insurance. You, as our customers, can enjoy the possibility of free travel, and the only cost you incur are fees related to refueling the car. CarFree does not require any additional fees, even if the car is to be driven by someone else other than the renting person. Similarly, if you want to cross the border of our country with other countries belonging to the European Union. However, you must report both cases in advance.

8. Car rental - a fender bender or a breakdown are not a problem.

Even the most experienced drivers have accidents. Also, not all collisions are the driver’s fault. So don’t worry about renting a vehicle. In the event of a collision, we guarantee 24/7 help, as well as a replacement car for the period of repair of the damaged car. All the vehicles in CarFree car rental fleet have full, both mandatory and non-compulsory motor insurance, so in the event of a collision or accident you will receive professional help at the scene. In the event of a crash through no fault of your own, no additional costs will be charged to you. Although our vehicles are regularly serviced, and our fleet usually includes only new, several-year-old vehicles, we can never predict a failure. However, you do not need to worry about any problem with a rented car. In the event of a failure, contact our customer service office - they are open all year round, 24 hours a day. Our consultants will efficiently carry out the procedure of providing you with a replacement car, so you can enjoy the freedom that renting a car provides.

9. Car rental - savings for the company.

Renting a car in CarFree is not only convenient for individual customers and companies but also a real possibility of savings. Depending on the length of the rental period, the price per day is reduced. If, as a company, you need a car that is intended for a fixed period, or for various reasons, you do not want to buy your own vehicle, our offer will meet all your requirements and expectations. Unlike our competition, with the occasional car rental for your employees, for example during a business trip, we do not impose additional restrictions such as a mileage limit. With medium and long-term rental, the mileage limit is set in the contract at 3,000 kilometers per month, which surely is a sufficient amount for the normal use of the vehicle, even for a company. However, if your needs are larger, contact us. To make sure our cooperation runs successfully for both parties, our employees will be happy to help. Renting a car also eliminates the need to pay loan installments or leasing, which affects the creditworthiness of your company. With us, you can use these funds for even more dynamic development of your business, and if necessary, we will help you build a fleet of vehicles based on your needs. Choosing the CarFree rental company, you also save on costs related to the operation of vehicles, we cover these expenses ourselves.

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10. Car rental – use the vehicle any way you want.

We know that a private person uses their vehicles slightly differently than a company. Every customer is equally important to us, which is why we give you the opportunity to use our vehicles as you wish. Companies are not always the target recipients of vans. Private persons may also need to transport large-size items, for example when moving, which is why we offer a full range of our vehicles to anyone interested in our rental. A car rented at a CarFree rental company will be perfect not only for transport, allowing to efficiently move between the airport and other destinations, but also during family trips. Because of the possibility of installing child car seats, our cars can be rented for vacations. The location of our customer service offices at airports is also ideal for a perfect combination of air and car transport. Our cars are usually brand new units that are also often chosen for various types of celebrations. Nothing prevents you from renting a car, for example for your own wedding. It will certainly be a more profitable option than special services of this type offered on the market.


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